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Cupcakes Lounge

Come Indulge in the Experience


Cupcakes Lounge is looking forward to another year of local farmers markets in the area. We are also very excited to be working on a store front location in Rockville, MD! Thank you to everyone for their continued support in helping to make this possible!! Updates to follow.

Find us at any of our local Farmers Markets listed under our events!

They are cute, sweet, portion-controlled, portable, and fork free! 

Cupcakes Lounge has a dynamic selection of cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes and confections for any occasion. Whether you are turning one or one hundred, or simply just because, there is always a reason to indulge in the experience of Cupcakes Lounge!

We provide cupcakes, cakes, and platters for large corporate functions, events, or parties. Holidays, Baby Arrivals and Christenings, are always a heart felt and exciting time to celebrate. Cupcakes Lounge welcomes the opportunity to be a part of these . All of our home-style cupcakes, cakes, and confections are made by hand and attention to detail is as important to us as it is to you!

We use as much local as possible supplied from local farmers such as eggs, and seasonal fruits. It is important to Cupcakes Lounge to have the freshest in our products!

Our wish is that Cupcakes Lounge will give you the simple pleasures of good taste and give you loving memories of your childhood, family, and events. We are here to supply you with all of your needs. 

Plus...there's always room for dessert!